Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Episode 144: Wipe Out! Worcester 11.27.98

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We've spent a lot of time talking about 2018 recently, for good reason. But for this episode, we're going back to the basics to revisit a show from the past—20 years ago this week, to be exact.

There's lots of music and discussion on 11.27.98, some arguing, lots of laughing and some factual errors by RJ. We had a good time revisiting this one and are excited to share lots of jams with you.

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Hope you enjoy this conversation and music, and we'll see you in a couple weeks. Give us a review on Apple Podcasts!


  1. I went to this place with local friends and we had a blast here. The long happy hour definitely ensures a full upstairs, but I'd recommend the quieter downstairs of Los Angeles venues to enjoy your stuffed burger and fries!

  2. So you kids need to understand. Being there that night the excitement was palpable. It was a perfect night as you have experienced in your seeing the band. And a little know fact is that Amy Skelton wrote the set 2 list and told trey in particular to play with some balls. They ended up adding the wipe out impromptu. That room was high as a Georgia pine and the party continued at the crown plaza after where CK ended up being arrested in his bathrobe. Hence the picture on the cover art of the live release. Epic epic epic night! And the uy that said it wasn't that good wasn't there and needs to be silenced because everything he says is suspect as of now! Thanks guys