Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Episode 128: Revisiting 1999 Pt. 2

Hello, HF Pod fam. Thank you for all the great feedback on part 1 of our recap of 1999 with Wade. We're back for part 2, when things get darker, weirder, more exploratory and, some would say, more awesome.

We pick this one up at the beginning of the Fall Tour, and wind our way through the December tour, where we ponder the end of the millennium and the importance of Big Cypress. We decided to not wade into Big Cypress, but to instead create a much more fulsome episode about that sometime soon.

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Clips included:

9.9 Tweezer
9.11 Sand
9.14 AC/DC Bag
9.29 2001
12.7 Halley’s Comet
12.15 Free
12.18 YEM

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