Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Episode 123: Turning points in Phish history w/Wally Holland (part 2)

On this episode, we finish our conversation with Wally Holland on turning point jams in Phish's career. We also talk Sci-Fi novels, confined spaces, and whether Lawn Boy even matters. Check out the episode here.

Here is the full list of jams we discussed with Wally:

  1. 8/13/93 - Bathtub Gin
  2. 5/7/94 - Tweezer
  3. 11/2/94 - Tweezer
  4. 12/29/94 - David Bowie
  5. 6/14/95 - Tweezer
  6. 11/2/96 - Crosseyed and Painless
  7. 8/17/97 - Art Jam
  1. 11/14/97 - Twist
  2. 12/31/99 - 2001
  3. 2/28/03 - Tweezer
  4. 11/28/09 - Seven Below > Ghost

  1. 7/3/11 - Storage Jam
  2. 8/31/12 - Undermind
  3. 7/31/13 - Tweezer
  4. 7/25/17 - Lawn Boy

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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Episode 122: Turning points in Phish history w/Wally Holland (part 1)

This week we are joined by a return guest, Wally Holland, who helps us run through what we're calling "turning points" in Phish history. This is a two-part episode, because obviously, there are lots of turning points in the history of the band.

The idea for this episode started with a Twitter conversation, sparked by yet again another listen to the Baker's Dozen Lawn Boy. We talk about many turning points—let us know what you think, we're eager to hear what you would have included. And join us next week for part 2, as we pick up from 1997 through the present. You can listen to part 1 directly here.

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8/13/93 Bathtub Gin
5/7/94 Tweezer > Sparks > Makisupa > DDL Jam > Sweet Emotion Jam > Walk Away
11/2/94 Tweezer
12/29/94 Bowie
6/14/95 Tweezer
11/2/96 Crosseyed
8/17/97 2001 > Art Jam > Hood

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Episode 121: Beyond the Pond crossover!

We have something really exciting this week. We were joined by Brian and David from Beyond the Pond, a podcast that we really enjoy and respect. These guys bring their immense music knowledge to this episode—and part 2 of our discussion will be on Beyond the Pond. So be sure and subscribe today, if you're not already subscribed.

The conversation touches on our musical histories, our favorite music growing up, and of course, how we stumbled upon Phish. Really fun stuff. You can listen to this episode directly here.

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