Saturday, July 22, 2017

Quick Hit: Phish @ MSG, 7-21-17

Photo from Steve Olker
The Baker's Dozen has begun! We discuss night 1 with Myke and Dianna, two frequent guests! We talk about the show, and DONUTS, and play some music from last night.

If you haven't yet, check out Myke's new podcast All In With Aqueous!

We also feature a recording that was emailed to us last night from the show by Elliot! Record your (<1 minute) own reviews and send email them to us (helping friendly podcast at gmail dot com). 

Here's the setlist and link. 

One week until our live podcast recording Saturday, 7/29 in NYC. RSVP today!

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Intro/outro music: Sublime, Doin' Time


  1. I'm interested in reserving this place because choosing the right venue which does not favor a specific culture becomes difficult. Halls here have fountains and elaborate pictures. Some Los Angeles venues display traditional artifacts and paintings.

  2. All in with Aqueous is my most favorite on pod cast.I dont miss even a single episode of it.I like your last night show with dianna.