Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Episode 104: Phish St. Louis 93 w/Scott Bernstein

Photo from Phish Dry Goods
This week we discuss the Phish St. Louis '93 release with guest Scott Bernstein. We're happy to have Scott back, and we had a fun conversation about this release of two very different shows from the same year. 

The shows that are being released are April 14 and August 16. Two great shows. We of course include some clips as well as some discussion. Hope you enjoy. You can listen to this episode directly here. Here's where you can pre-order the St. Louis '93 release via Dry Goods.

Here's a link to the piece JamBase has put up about the St. Louis '93 release thus far. Check out JamBase for more updates and music from this release. 

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Intro/Outro Music: Smashing Pumpkins, Mayonaise

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