Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Episode 103: Tweezer So Cold

For many (most?) fans, there’s no greater gift at a Phish show than a Tweezer. Phish experiences are formed and strengthened based on single performances of this song. Shows can be saved by its appearance, soaring out of the speakers with Superman cape and all. 

Our friend and collaborator Matt is the brains behind this episode, and we're grateful to him for taking this on and putting this awesome resource together. Here's a link to the Tweezer So Cold data dashboard that Matt created.

Also for this episode, we're collaborating with again. Their hard work laid the foundation for all of the stuff Matt has done, and they agreed to host a blog post we put together about this episode.

This episode is a mixture of us talking about Tweezer and playing LOTS of awesome Tweezer clips. Because this was such a great discussion, we only made it from the Tweezer debut in 1990 through 2000. Part 2 to tackle 2.0 and 3.0 will be coming soon.

Hope you enjoy. You can listen to this episode directly here. Send us thoughts and feedback.

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Intro/Outro Music: Ryan Adams & The Cardinals, Cold Roses


  1. Would you be so kind as to list all of the clips that you play in this episode?

  2. Fantastic Episode! Thanks guys!

  3. You guys blew the analogy to dead.

    Tweezer is 100% analogous to Playing in the Band.

    a few structured verses, then opens up to improv and jamming...Playing was consistent throughout both band's career and both Tweezer and Playing have rocking reprises..

    Otherwise, good job!

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  5. I have listened to this episode as well as Pt. 2 at least a dozen times each. Absolutely love it! This episode strikes a personal chord with me because I happened to be at the August 97 Gorge show where the band dropped into the "gooey quicksand" Tweezer... and then my face melted.

    Such fantastic memories from those years. Thanks so much for taking me back!

    Damn, I wanna be a guest on your show! lol

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