Monday, October 5, 2015

Episode 66: Fall '96 Highlights!

This week we're joined by our good friend Brian (@sufferingjuke). He was inspired to go back and listen to the entire Fall 1996 tour, and he pulled together a wonderful collection of highlights from that tour. Brian put a ton of thought into this, and the product makes that very clear. Really wonderful highlights, and some lesser-known jams that he's bringing back into the spotlight.

We've split this one up into 2 parts, because there's just too much great stuff. We think you'll enjoy, and as Brian has said, "you'll never look at '96 the same again." The track details for Part 1 are below, we'll add the Part 2 tracks when we put that episode up!

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Part 1 (music starts around 13 minutes, discussion picks back up at 2:08)
10/16 -- Simple -> Swept Away -> Steep
10/19 -- Down With Disease
11/06 -- Mike's Song -> Jam
11/08 -- Simple
11/11 -- Tweezer
11/13 -- Suzy Greenberg -> Prince Caspian

Part 2 (music starts right away)
11/18 -- 2001
11/19 -- David Bowie
11/29 -- You Enjoy Myself
11/29 -- Harry Hood
12/01 -- Reba
12/28 -- Mike's Song -> Strange Design -> Weekapaug Groove

Intro/Outro Music: TRAD+, Blind 

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