Sunday, July 12, 2015

Episode 60: Fare Thee Well Recap

This week we're psyched to be recapping the Fare Thee Well shows from Chicago and Santa Clara. It's a really fun discussion with a lot of people who are vets of both Phish and the Grateful Dead: Scott (@TourTweet), Craig (@chillwig), Jonathan (@rowj) and Tanya (@fractalgal).

We talk about this momentous, celebratory moment in Grateful Dead (and Phish) history, and play songs from both Chicago and Santa Clara. These shows were at the same time the end of an era, the joining together of two worlds, and a glimpse into the future. Regardless of your perspective, this was a historic and wonderful run of shows. 

We break this up into 2 parts, with about 18-20 songs to frame the experience from the perspective of those who were there. 

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Intro music: Architect, Trey Anastasio Band