Monday, March 23, 2015

Episode 54: Guest Pick - CJ Ferrell - 8.16.96

This week we have a long overdue guest, CJ, who is a longtime fan of the podcast and Mainer exiled in London. But we'll have him back for this Summer Tour, which we discuss on this show, along with lots of other things. The timing of this pick was stellar -- we'll be discussing and listening to the first day of the first Phish festival, the Clifford Ball, from 1996. This discussion comes just days after the latest festival announcement, Magnaball, coming in August 2015.

This will be a 3-part podcast, with Set 1 this week, Set 2 next week and Set 3 shortly thereafter.

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Phish 8.16.96, The Clifford Ball, Plattsburgh, NY

Set 1: Chalk Dust Torture, Bathtub Gin, Ya Mar, AC/DC Bag > Esther > Divided Sky, Halley's Comet > David Bowie

Set 2: Split Open and Melt, Sparkle > Free, The Squirming Coil, Waste, Talk, Train Song, Strange Design, Hello My Baby, Mike's Song -> Simple -> Contact > Weekapaug Groove

Set 3: Makisupa Policeman > Also Sprach Zarathustra > Down with Disease -> NICU, Life on Mars? > Harry Hood -> Jam

Encore: Amazing Grace

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