Monday, January 12, 2015

Episode 49: Miami NYE Run Recap

This week we are recapping the Miami NYE run from just about a week ago! We're splitting this episode into two parts, one breaking down and discussing Set 2 of 12.31.14, the other breaking down and discussing Set 2 of 1.3.15.

Our guests for the week are Kevin (@OKDeadhead), Ali (@peckedbythedove), Graig (@FurryThug) and Patrick (@PatrickBrannan). We all had a blast in Miami, and we hope you enjoy our breakdown of the weekend. These were our two favorite sets, so think about basking in the sun as you listen.

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Episode 49, Part 1: Set 2, 12.31.14

Chapter 1   0:00            Intro Chat w/Kevin, Ali, Graig & Patrick
Chapter 2   30:10          Set 2 Phish 12.31.14
Chapter 3   1:34:10       Set Breakdown

Episode 49, Part 2: Set 2, 1.3.15

Chapter 1   0:00            Set 2 Phish 1.3.15
Chapter 2   1:31:25       Set Breakdown & Wrap Up

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  1. The girl says "like" atleast 400 times, so annoying, it was almost enough for me to turn off the podcast. She also just repeats the same things over and over, like how the band seems comfortable with each other, duh. Someone should try to focus more on the music theory behind the jams and which effects are on/off at certain times