Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Episode 43: Guest Pick - 7.23.97

This week we are back to bringing you a show from the archives. Our guest, Josh Korin, picked 7.23.97, from Atlanta. This gem of a show from the Summer of 1997 is a great way to jump back into the 1.0 shows. Setlist and chapter markers below.

The Summer '97  US tour was another unique time in Phish history. Fans here hadn't seen the band since New Year's '96, and they were playing a lot of brand new tunes in Europe in the Spring and early Summer that fans here were dying to hear live.

From "Ghost" and "Carini" to "Limb By Limb," "Twist" and "Piper," US fans were excited to see where these new songs would go. And yes, they went places. The show Josh chose from Atlanta was only the 3rd show in the US, and we were treated to the second domestic performance of "Ghost." And it was just one of the finest versions ever played, still to this day.

The "Ghost," at nearly 26 minutes, was a combination of a dance party, funk fest, disco beat, space alien invasion. It never misses a beat, and with Trey screaming about 18 minutes in, you know the band is having a blast.

Although the stellar "Ghost" was clearly the anchor of the show (LawnMemo gave it a 9.6), this had a great first set, with a wonderfully outside-the-box "Julius" opener. The "Limb By Limb" and "Split Open and Melt" are both fantastic. The "Melt" features some heavy, heavy wah pedal, which is always a reminder of '97. The set closes with a fun "Possum."

The last sequence is a short and strange "You Enjoy Myself" that segues into a great "Rocky Mountain Way" jam and finally, what sounds to us like a mid-90s "Chalk Dust Torture." Enjoy.

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Chapter 1   0:00           Chat w/Josh
Chapter 2   18:13         Set I 7.23.97
Chapter 3   1:37:05      Set I Breakdown
Chapter 4   1:46:36      Set II 7.23.97
Chapter 5   3:03:21      Set II Breakdown


Phish, 7.23.97, Lakewood Amphitheater, Atlanta, GA

Set I. Set 1: Julius, Dirt, NICU > Dogs Stole Things > Ginseng Sullivan, Water in the Sky, Limb By Limb, Split Open and Melt, Billy Breathes, Possum

Set 2: Punch You In the Eye, Ghost > Sample in a Jar, You Enjoy Myself -> Rocky Mountain Way Jam > Chalk Dust Torture

Encore: Frankenstein

(Show source: source: akg460b/ck61>b18>d7 ots by JK; transfer: DAT master/tascam da20>microtrackII>audiogate (16/44)>cdwave>tlh (flac16) by john m 2012-07-14)

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