Sunday, March 16, 2014

Episode 30: Phish 8.10.97 Noblesville, IN

For Episode 30, we wanted to celebrate the announcement of Summer Tour dates by playing and discussing one of our first Summer Phish shows—8.10.97, from Noblesville, IN, at the venue we'll always know as Deer Creek. 

We went on a little run from Tinley Park to Alpine Valley to Deer Creek, 4 shows that gave us our first taste of the band outdoors, and convinced us to go ahead and follow this band around for the next 17 years (and hopefully beyond), whenever possible. 

Musically, Summer '97 was yet another transition period. The band was searching for the next sound, and in this show you can hear them right on the verge of fully embracing the FUNK that we know from Fall '97. There are a few really must-hear song versions from this show, including "Harry Hood" and "Cities." It was hot and muggy that night, and the music was thick and intense. We hope you enjoy. 

The setlist is at the bottom of the page, and the chapter markers are below.

Chapter 1    0:00-8:56                 Intro Chat
Chapter 2    8:57-1:34:20           Set 1 Phish 8.10.97
Chapter 3    1:34:20-1:42:03     Set 1 Breakdown
Chapter 4    1:42:04-2:58:39     Set 2 Phish 8.10.97
Chapter 5    2:58:40-End           Set 2 Breakdown

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Phish 8.10.97, Deer Creek Music Center, Noblesville, IN

Set 1: Bathtub Gin -> Sparkle > Down with Disease > Dirt, Cars Trucks Buses, Billy Breathes, Split Open and Melt, Bye Bye Foot > Ginseng Sullivan, Harry Hood

Set 2: Cities -> Good Times Bad Times -> Rotation Jam -> Rock A William -> David Bowie

E: Cavern

Monday, March 3, 2014

Episode 29: HF Pod From The Tapers' Section

Episode 29 is up! We were very fortunate to be joined by 3 great tapers and members of the Phish community: Craig Hillwig, Lenny Stubbe and Scott Bernstein. Tapers have a unique perspective on the band, the music, and they've been the way we've heard most of this band's music for the majority of the last 30 years. We're grateful for all of the work they do. 

The format of this episode is slightly different. We asked each of our guests to pick a few tracks that represent quality audience recordings from across Phish's history. For each pick, we play the track and then discuss the recording and the music. Before the tracks, we have a great conversation with our 3 guests. Really fun episode. Chapter markers are below.

Here's a recent article that talks about Scott Bernstein's taping career and his views on a lot of where the taper community is today.

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Note: Shows links below are from the source we played on the podcast. 

Chapter 1     0:00         Chat with Craig, Lenny & Scott
Chapter 2     55:19       7.2.11 McGrupp and the Watchful Hosemasters (Craig)
Chapter 3     1:10:00    8.11.93 Mike’s Song (Lenny)
Chapter 4     1:26:57    8.6.96 Purple Rain (Scott)
Chapter 5     1:39:32    7.2.98 Ghost (Craig)
Chapter 6     2:11:57    8.17.96 Fluffhead > Run Like An Antelope (Lenny)
Chapter 7     2:35:35    2.5.94 Crimes Of The Mind (Scott)
Chapter 8     2:48:29    12.31.97 Emotional Rescue (Craig)
Chapter 9     3:09:05    7.12.13 A Song I Heard The Ocean Sing (Scott)
Chapter 10   3:19:49    7.3.11 Down With Disease>No Quarter (Lenny)
Chapter 11   3:40:02    4.13.94 David Bowie (Scott)