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Episode 28: Phish 2.3.93 Portland, ME

Episode 28 is up! This week Brad and I are back solo, back to our roots, and we're playing a show we've been looking forward to sharing for a long time: 2.3.93, from Portland, ME. The setlist is at the bottom of the page, and the chapter markers are below.

Chapter 1    0:00-8:00              Intro Chat
Chapter 2    8:00-1:22:54         Set 1 Phish 2.3.93
Chapter 3    1:22:54-1:35:37    Set 1 Breakdown
Chapter 4    1:35:37-3:15:06    Set 2 Phish 2.3.93
Chapter 5    3:15:06-End          Set 2 Breakdown

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Listener Notes—Episode 28: Phish 2.3.93, Portland, ME

So, why have we been looking forward to playing this show for so long? Once they bust into the first song, "Loving Cup" (a debut), you can hear that something's different from previous years. Of course, the answer is that it's the first show with Page's baby grand piano. The debut of this new critical instrument, along with the fact that it's the first show of what will end up being a monumental year, makes it incredibly fun to revisit. 

Most of the songs in the first set feature the piano heavily, ending with a "David Bowie" that is definitely worth listening to again. Page and Trey's patient little exchange in the jam is very nice, and is a great precursor of things to come. 

The 2nd set starts out with a really fun "Runaway Jim," and we get our 3rd "Tweezer" in as many podcasts. This one is definitely Trey-led, but Page's baby grand offered a little more space for them to improvise with, compared to earlier years. This was definitely a breakout year for this song, and it's nice to listen to the first one of the year. 

They also tackle "You Enjoy Myself" in this 2nd set, with alternate lyrics that originated from a posting from "Mike's Corner" in the Doniac Schvice. This show was an energetic, ambitious tour opener, front to back, and the energy remains high throughout.

1993 was really the first year that Phish played big, national tours, covering almost the entire country at least once, sometimes more for certain regions. 

They were on an upward trajectory, and it's clear that the introduction of the baby grand piano played a big part in how they played and listened to each other. From this February opener show to the 1993 New Year's Eve show in Worcester, it's almost a different band, and it's always a treat to relisten to the evolution.


Phish 2.3.93, Portland Expo, Portland, ME 

Set 1: Loving Cup, Rift, Fee > Llama, The Wedge, Divided Sky, I Didn't Know, My Friend, My Friend, Poor Heart > Guelah Papyrus, David Bowie

Set 2: Runaway Jim, It's Ice > Tweezer, The Horse > Silent in the Morning > Sparkle, You Enjoy Myself > Lifeboy, Hold Your Head Up > Terrapin > Big Ball Jam > Hold Your Head Up, Possum

E: Amazing Grace, Tweezer Reprise

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