Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Episode 24: MSG 2013

Photo by Andrea Nusinov
We are grateful to have Kevin (@okdeadhead) join us for our first episode of 2014—breaking down and playing some great selections from the New Year's Run, from Madison Square Garden 2013. We're playing and discussing the Chalk Dust Torture & Ghost from 12.30, all of Set 2 from 12.31 (which they played from the top of an old bus), and the Light from 12.31.

We really appreciate Kevin joining us, and our conversation was fun and expansive. In lieu of Listener Notes, we just want to say that we all agree that MSG capped off one of Phish's best years since the late 90s (1997, to be exact). Listen to this stuff from the New Year's Run and judge for yourself. 

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